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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mockingbird essay

Every person makes decisions then has to live with the aftermath of the decision they made. In the book to kill a mockingbird, scout made decision then had to deal with the aftermath.

            One thing that scout did was there was a kid in her class, that didn't bring his lunch so the teacher offered him a quoter but he didn't take it so scout explained to the teacher that he didn't take things that he couldn't pay back and because of this the teacher hit her with a ruler.


She wanted to get boo Radley to come out of the house which helped her by boo Radley killing the guy that tried to kill her.   In her attempts to get boo Radley out of the house boo Radley started to be their friend and leave them gifts. Then one day some guy was mad at them and tried to kill them so boo Radley killed him.

The last decision that scout made that affected her was her decision to hang out with dill in the first place if she didn't hangout with dill, dill wouldn't have wanted find out more about boo Radley and he never would have saved her life so she would be dead if she did not handy out with dill.

So in the end the decisions that scout made impacted the story in the three ways above, her standing up for the kid in her class, her trying to get boo Radley to come out of the house, and just her making the decision to hang out with dill. And that is my mockingbird essay.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

BIg Fish Gets Eaten Old Man Very Mad and Old Also Angry.

BIg Fish Gets Eaten Old Man Very Mad and Old Also Angry.

book review of
Old Man and The Sea: by Ernest Hemingway. Scribner paperback fiction 1952 genre:fiction

In this story there is an old man who loved to fish but he was in an unhappy streak of not catching anything so he was not able to eat so he decided to go out one more time so that he could catch something,he waited and waited hoping that he would catch something know that he wouldn't but then he did the fish pulled him through the sea and then he harpooned it and started to head back with his catch and then there were sharks that started to follow the fish and attack the fish. he fought off the sharks but by the time he got back the fish was just bones but even though he didn't catch anything other fisherman had faith in him and they were all happy.

A quote that would represent thing book would be "It is unsurpassed in Hemingway's oeuvre. Every word tells and there is not a word too many" -- Anthony Burgess Amazon.com reviewer. Another one would be “A quite wonderful example of narrative art. The writing is as taut, and at the same time as lithe and cunningly played out, as the line on which the old man plays the fish" Guardian amazon.com reveiwer .  These quotes would be quotes to say what this book is about. the reason I chose these quotes would be I think that they sum up this book very good.

This book is about telling people that as long as you try you will get noticed. also the message is that when you try good things happen. Also not to give up.  if I had to compare this to any other book I would compare it too the hunger games because in the book the main character doesn't give up. A simile for this story would be that the fisherman is beast, at not catching anything.  He went out fishing and he did not catch anything due to the fact that he is not that good at fishing. He went out fishing thinking that he would catch a fish but when he caught the big fish the sharks ate it. and by the time he got back to the shore and all the fisherman appreciate him and thought he was a good a fisherman anyway. The quote “A man can be destroyed, but not defeated.” it means that even if you like destroys lets say their reputation as long as the don't give up they will not be defeated. And that is what i think that means.
This story kind of relates to the time that i went fishing. I was fishing for hours and had caught nothing not even one fish. But instead of going back empty handed i decided to keep trying and eventually i caught a fish and then i threw it back. And that is my book review of the book of

i would give this book 2 Paws

Old Man and The Sea: by Ernest Hemingway. Scribner paperback fiction 1952 genre:fiction

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Last Bunker

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2013

The Last Bunker

The last bunker....

Long ago

before I was born there was a war this war didn't end
like the ones we see today this one..... Well they
ended up..... Launching nukes all over the world. my
family came from fallout shelter 28 we survived well
they were I was actually born out in the wasteland that
used to be America but now I have a new problem I've
been surviving the raiders and the mutants for 30 years
but now I heard of a new virus that basically turns you
into a zombie...... Not just humans....... Everything
so even the giant mutated creatures are going to be
zombies so now I found on the one of the old per war
government computers about one bunker the stats are
that they never had time to get people in it so that
means 200 years of food Nd water and a safe haven from
all this and so I decided to get my unit made of
survivors I found we came together we have about 200
loyal and 400 I don't know. The bunker holds 400 so I'm
going to take my loyal and some other survival people
that I find on the way my army has to keep order out
here ill still come out to help but I just want a safe

place for my loyal and survivors to keep them from

dyeing... Now to the bad news..... It's in the area
where there is the most mutants and raider( they raid
you for your stuff) more bad news the zombie out break
came from behind us and other places and they are
closing in on that location..... But I must go there,
there may be many things standing but if I don't go the
people out here will die.... My plan go there take the
bunker and then take the city once done we will put out
patrols and big gates to keep the zombies out and the
mutants and raiders then the bunker will just be the HQ
and the rest the base and safe haven....... By the way
this zombie virus is different it's not where you get
scratched and you become one or that you did it's that
you must have been exposed to at least 1750 radiation
levels and had been killed with being shot in the head.
So basically every one killed by the nukes or left dead
in a radioactive casim is one like I said we must get
"Sir, SIR we must go the mutants are going to break
through the walls, the men are outside waiting keeping
them from coming in through our only exit and the
zombies are 4 miles out we're losing ground come on."
Said LT James " I'll meet you out there get my two
elites." I said " yes sir sgt Mona ill get them....
Boney and king right?" Said James ( by the way I'm not
a sgt I'm the leader that's just my nickname) " I said
go " " yes sir".james went and got them " boney king
get ready get loaded we will hold them off while they
get to at least 0.5 miles towards the objective." I
told them " let's do it." Said king "they ain't
getting through" said boney " radio them and tell them
to get to 0.5 miles away from here me and king will
get ready,GO" I ordered " alright I got you" said
boney. While boney went and told them me and king
moved some things around and got ready. There was
only one way in from that way so we got ready while
boney got our 6 and kept the exit ready before we knew
it me and king saw and arm break through " holy crap"

said king " I hope you two are ready no turning back

now " I said proudly. Then bam it broke and they
started running in. It coked my M3000 and started
blasting towards the head we had killed one. King took
his M678 and started rapidly taking them down he took
down at least 10 " king get up stairs Nd start picking
them off quick" I said while spraying down some
mutants. King went without saying a word then I heard
a call on the radio " i found one of our squads up
here caged in a room I'm going to let them out and
send them down there to help you guys its 6 people."
King said they came down and so I told them to have
three on each side but without realizing it while I
was spraying the mutants a raider had to drive a
vehicle right through the wall they now had a new way
through " dang" I said " you six cover that now, NOW"
they moved over there and started to cover that but
they where getting over runned. Before long they
where gone "boney get up stairs we will hold them
there GO" I told him. Then we both went there And
tried to cover the stairs. " boney give me that
explosive" I said he handed it to me with out saying
any thing then he saw all the mutants and he went into
she'll shock he didn't move " boney grenade grenade "
I yelled but he didn't move so I ran dived and pushed
him out of the way. He finally came to. " go to king
and find a way out I'll hold them off " I said as I
held them off I over heard them " king we have to go
sgt Mona said" boney told him " we can't leave him"
king yelled " too late." Boney said then he grabbed
him and jumped out the back window. I was almost out
of ammo and they where getting up I had no where to
turn I thought to myself " it's over" but then I
remembered the explosive I pleased it and ran to where
they where and shot it while jumping out the window.
BOOM the building exploded but when I landed I looked
around and realized that they where gone they drove
away I was alone. And my radio was not working. I
could hear them but they couldn't hear me" what

happened to sgt Mona" said James " he's ....gone he

stayed behind to help us, we must take the city still
his dream will cary on!!!!!!!!" Said
king "yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh for the sgt!!!! Chanted the
rest. I must catch up there probably way ahead of me
I went out of there as fast as I could then out of no
where I was ambushed by the brotherhood of gold. They
where obsessed killing all the mutants and making the
world pure again but they also hated raiders and the
patriots( the other army that supposedly fights for
America) but they don't that's us Mona's fighting
force and fist fist is for the non loyal and the force
is for the 200
" hold up there, you coming with us we need to talk to
you, you are in. Our territory " said one of them "
I'm not going with you any where I will kill you all
you can not stop the force, now let me go I'm not your
enemy I want to be allies let me go and I'll promise
you a spot a safe haven the city I'm building now if
you don't all of you will die, al of you" I said with
a menacing voice and face as I was bleeding from a gun
shot wound from the raider ridding the truck. " sir he
says he has a safe place and if we don't let him go he
will kill us all" said one " sorry but your coming
with me or you will die" " so be it" I said as I
reached for my M3000 but then I Realized it was gone
and so was my pistol. The raiders took them " fine ill
come with you but be prepared to die last offer to ,
let,me, go" " ha ha ha get him" then they grabbed my
arms and knocked me out. I woke up Ina jail cell in
who knows where " get up or leader must speak with you
make a move and you die" said the guard. I sent with
him and met the leader. " hello there I realize you
want to kill us. Correct " he said " last time offer
let me go or you will die" I told him " hmm take him
away and bring him back in - hour" he said right when
I got to the sell I smashed his head and the metal
gate and took his weapons and ran for the leader "
holt" says the guard. I knocked him down and stepped

on his head and knocked him out as as I ran by then I

kicked right through the leaders door and pulled my
hand up looked. Down the gun and said " I told you"
and then pulled the trigger. There will be no more
terror from them. Then I ran down the hall and made a
left and found the armory and took a grenade and
launched it then jumped towards the cracked wall and
broke right through it and landed right in the water
and BOOM the building was gone but then I Realized the
water was full of radiation I had to get out so I swam
for the ledge. There was still some survivors but I
let them live I started towards the direction of the
convoy again as I was walking it started to get dark
so I went into the nearest building and slept the next
morning I woke up to some raiders "hum hum hum, look a
little Mona force soldier." Said the raider " guys I
got--" as he was talking I out my knife right in his
thought as he died I realized that could have been me
he could have done that to me I had to get to that
city to save my people I looked at my map and Realized
there was. Patriot camp in the wAy to the convoy I had
to stop there and see if they captured any of my guys
it would be dangerous but I had too I must. The next
day I started on my way there a
--------- story corrupted moving to next available
I finally arrived and found at least 50 of my guys
being put as prisoners I would have to help them from
the inside I can't from right now there are to many of
the " oh look another one" said one from right behind
me I turn killed him and took his uniform and went
inside. I went to the jail cell " what are you doing
down here" said the guard.then I said " oh I don't
know just--" then I took my knife stabbed it in his
gut and stabbed it in the side of his neck took the
keys and opened the door " come on" I said "sgt Mona
holy crap they said you where dead" said one of my
soldiers " go" I yelled they ran and started over
throwing the camp I went to the leaders office he

looked at me just looked didn't say a word so I put my

gun to his head and pulled the trigger. " I'm sorry
but you where terrorizing my people and the people of
this region" I said. Then I went to the armory as
quiet as I could and put a charge Ran and detonated it
and just like before there whole base as I watched I
thought of how this could happen just as easy to us I
was in shell shock then I ran to my guys " sir we must
catch up with the convoy and help them take the city"
said one of them " James , James " I said as I looked
over to the badly sounded guy on the ground " I'm
sorry sir I don't think he will make it" said the
medic " what NO James wake up, wake up." I said "
sir" " we've lost too many men that's it once we get
to the city and take it I want more than security I
want air tight no more death we must keep the city
secure once we take it" I said. Then we started to
walk towards the convoy once agein. As I thought to my
self " there will be peace , there will be peace" I
just look off towards the convoy silent as possible.
The next day when we where walking we ran into a group
of people. " hey can you help my freind he is hurt,
behind this gas station." One of them said
went around back and there was a guy under a pipe "
pvt. Go check that out lift it up, be careful." I said
so he went to go lift it up. But then I saw a mine
under the pipe they planned to blow us up "PVT NO!
Don't touch it..." I shouted "wha-" and boom he was
gone. I turned and shot one of them and bam a shot
went though my arm I could feel it going through my
flesh and coming out the other side and for that
moment it felt like every thing was in slow motion I
didn't know what was happening or what was going on.
Then the left sided of my body went flying back I hit
the floor because of the powerful revolver round going
through my arm as I laid on the ground I saw one of
the soldiers shoot him and then more of the enemy's
came outside and started shooting it broke out in to
an all out gun fight. I tried crawling away while

they where fighting but then I felt something cold

touch the back of my head, it was the barrel of a gun.
I prepared for the worst thinking it was over then a
second later the barrel moved away and I felt
something heavy fall on me, it was the guys dead body.
My teammate came to help me I got up holding my arm
and said " we need to move" then I heared something
behind me "zombie!!!" I shouted it turns out that the
radiation was high in this area so they where turning
into zombies " go go go" we ran and ran and ran until
we could finaly see the city, but where was the
convoy, did we pass them? I didn't think so then I
looked to my left, there where flames and what I could
see raiders and mutants and then I looked closer and
saw my men on the ground at least a hundred then I saw
more of my men, it was king and boney and more running
for the city, I had to catch up with them " we need to
go, go to the city we need to support the rest of the
men, GO" I ordered and then we set off for the city.
The city was at least a mile away. So about a hour
later we made it we sneaked around the city and look
for the rest of the team we couldn't find them. It was
hard to sneak around the zombies and mutants but it
was getting harder because we where getting more
tiered as the night rolled on. It was about midnight
and. Needed to sleep so wee found a building and broke
in and DUN DUM DUNNN we found them the team was in
here what was the chances of that. "SGT OH MY GOD WE
THOUGHT YOU WHERE DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!" King said "yeah"
bond said. " no I made it out, barley I raided three
places and found these men they helped me here but
know that we are here we have to start clearing this
city." " YES SIR" said everyone. So we went to sleep
some soldiers staid up on guard duty and changed
shifts with others. It felt sooooo good to sleep I
hadn't slept in a long time and it felt good I dreamed
on what the bunker looked like and couldn't wait. The
next morning I woke up feeling well rested and we
where going to start clearing the city. When we got

out sided we noticed something for the first time in

200 years it was going to, snow and it was getting
really cold and we noticed the zombies where starting
to freeze and when they froze you could just push them
over and they would break into bits but then I noticed
the mountain behind us the snow was composing the
bunker could hold all of us because there was a lot of
deaths we must find it and hide we searched and king
found it all got inside and shut the doors. We
checked the cameras that where on top of the tall
building 20 stories and the snow just reached that
height an hour later every thing was covered but at
least we where safe.

30 years later

Most Of thewe couldoutside I waswe went outgrass andsun with thethere where nomutantsold world

justonly survivorslooked outand walked Iof the hill insaw none ofused tonuclearalmost noticed the snow got rid of all the radiationand it was just amazing for the first time we could
finaly live repopulate the earth expand and thrive the
global map showed that all of the snow around the world
melted and there where no more zombies or mutants
nothing so we could go as far as we want and not get
attacked there was water rivers and no radiation I
realized. " there is finally, peace"



author: sgt Mona


*many punctuation errors