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Friday, May 31, 2013

Mockingbird essay

Every person makes decisions then has to live with the aftermath of the decision they made. In the book to kill a mockingbird, scout made decision then had to deal with the aftermath.

            One thing that scout did was there was a kid in her class, that didn't bring his lunch so the teacher offered him a quoter but he didn't take it so scout explained to the teacher that he didn't take things that he couldn't pay back and because of this the teacher hit her with a ruler.


She wanted to get boo Radley to come out of the house which helped her by boo Radley killing the guy that tried to kill her.   In her attempts to get boo Radley out of the house boo Radley started to be their friend and leave them gifts. Then one day some guy was mad at them and tried to kill them so boo Radley killed him.

The last decision that scout made that affected her was her decision to hang out with dill in the first place if she didn't hangout with dill, dill wouldn't have wanted find out more about boo Radley and he never would have saved her life so she would be dead if she did not handy out with dill.

So in the end the decisions that scout made impacted the story in the three ways above, her standing up for the kid in her class, her trying to get boo Radley to come out of the house, and just her making the decision to hang out with dill. And that is my mockingbird essay.

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